Handcrafted Tailoring

Bespoke about clothing is traditionally cut from a pattern drafted from scratch for the customer , and so differs from ready to wear bespoke about hand made tailoring.

Mr himmat singh learned from his father late shri shankar singh panwar. He taught him a very important part of tailoring-hand made stiching that define design of febric and give uniqueness to the interior then mr himmat carry forwarded this thing into his fashion house and apply.

External part is always incomplete without internal part of febric and cloths. Hand made tailoring adapted from his father carry forwarded and along with rajasthan design and stiching. Always represented this design .

The intent is to work with the classic timeless fits and structuring that add authenticity and relavance to every ensemble. There is an extremely methodical process that is followed from measuring, to fabric selection, customization and fittings, too. Ultimately, completion of the garment. Special care is given not only on the outside but the inside of every hand talored garment.